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Unused SenshiStock: PART 2You guys had a lot of fun with the last batch of "unused" stock, let's see what gems we can find in this one! :la:
Sailor Coat 1 by SenshiStockSailor Iron 1 by SenshiStockSailor Iron 2 by SenshiStockSailor Iron 3 by SenshiStockSailor Leaning 1 by SenshiStockSailor Leaning 3 by SenshiStockSailor Time 1 by SenshiStockSailor Time 2 by SenshiStockSailor Time 3 by SenshiStockSailor Pose 106 by SenshiStockItchy Foot Pose by SenshiStockSailor Track 1 by SenshiStockSailor Sword 15 by SenshiStockSailor Back 12 by SenshiStockSailor Moon 5 by SenshiStockSailor Moon 6 by SenshiStockSailor Skater 2 by SenshiStockSailor Skater 3 by SenshiStockSailor Skater 4 by SenshiStockSailor Crutches 1 by SenshiStockSailor Crutches 2 by SenshiStockSailor Crutches 3 by SenshiStockSailor Crutches 4 by SenshiStockSailor Rock Star 4 by SenshiStockSailor Rock Star 5 by SenshiStockSailor Playtime 2 by SenshiStockSailor Playtime 3 by SenshiStockSailor Playtime 4 by SenshiStockSailor Sleepy 2 by SenshiStockSailor Sleepy 4 by SenshiStockSailor Sleepy 5 by SenshiStockSailor Sandbox 1 by SenshiStockSailor Shower 2 by SenshiStockSailor Wii 1 by SenshiStockSailor Wii 2 by SenshiStockSailor Wii 3 by SenshiStockSailor Purse 5 by SenshiStockSailor Photographer 1 by SenshiStockSailor Photographer 3 by SenshiStockSailor Cellphone 2 by SenshiStockSailor Mercury 3 by SenshiStockSailor Pose 126 by SenshiStockSailor Fight 29 by SenshiStockSailor Summoner 2 by SenshiStockSailor Summoner 5 by SenshiStockSailor Summoner 7 by SenshiStock
Notes: Some of this stock may have actually


Submitted on
July 10, 2012


11 (who?)

Stock Requests!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 5:50 AM

We've got a ton of requests, stockers! Take a look and see if there's anything you can help with ^.^

Stock Requests

Ever wanted to request for a specific male stock pose, but didn't know who to ask? WELL! Now you can!

Put your requested poses here, in the comments of this journal, and I will keep an updated list below so that male stock providers can come and look to see what's needed, and hopefully they can fulfill these requests! I'll update the journal whenever I get a new request, and I'll repost the journal every once in a while to make sure people keep seeing it :) I'll put your username next to the request so that the stockers know who to notify once the request is fulfilled!

Requested Male Stock

:bulletpurple: skydancer-stock has some of these skydancer-stock -> :bulletgreen: SeleneWerewolf: Nude animal-ish poses. (for drawing e.g. primitive humans or werewolves and other animal-people)
:bulletgreen: setsunakutemo: Video-game poses- poses like 'Gunners' and 'Swordsmen' and things of that nature
:bulletpurple:Awdi-stock has some of these, as does skydancer-stock… and syccas-stock… -> :bulletgreen: Rysicup: More men with swords!
:bulletpurple: syccas-stock has some of these… ->:bulletgreen: Rysicup: Flowy shirts with dynamic and regular poses
:bulletgreen: KyderArt: Nude group shots with multiple (3-5) friends hanging out (Walking down the street, on couches, etc)
:bulletgreen: KyderArt: Playing video games nudes
:bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock  has some of these… :bulletgreen: KyderArt: Nude vampire roleplay (neck-biting)
bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock  has some of these… :bulletgreen: DeMyXrOcKz: Vampire stuff: neck biting (classic Dracula poses with two male models and 30-days-of-Night-type brutality), mind control, and the repulsed body language when shown a cross/garlic
:bulletgreen: KyderArt: Nudes holding hands
:bulletgreen: KyderArt: Exercise nudes (Push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups/pull-ups, weight-lifting). Preferably not very muscular.
:bulletgreen: KyderArt: More children in general
:bulletgreen: GemMarieMcC: Thor!
:bulletpurple:Awdi-stock has some of these -> :bulletgreen: GemMarieMcC and DeadValkyrie793: Guys with long hair
:bulletgreen: ShadowQueen25: People stitching themselves back together after a fight (not necessarily literally stitching themselves up, but men trying to heal themselves)
:bulletgreen: GwynConaway: Aerial perspective shots, particularly of running, jumping, crouching, etc
:bulletgreen: ninawesth: Someone running away, normal perspective or slightly from above (and from other points of view too, but specifically from behind)
:bulletgreen: Meip: Using sign language, talking with hands, and other "expressive hands" poses
:bulletgreen: CJFinnegan: Seated models who look like they're piloting Mobile Suits
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Guy with a crossbow (both action/shooting and just posing all badass-like)
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Anything that would fit with a vampire/demon hunter theme
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Mechanic (both a regular mechanic doing regular mechanic things, and sexy pinup mechanic
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Car wash (both regular and sexy)
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Guys in a rock band (singer, guitar/bass player, drummer, keyboard...Action shots and posing with instruments)
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Male/male couples where there is a noticeable height difference between the two
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Male/female couples with less height difference (not just romantic stuff, but things that would be good for drawing friends or male/female twins)
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Guy(s) at the beach (playing frizbee/football/volleyball, casual stroll, beachwear, picnic basket, umbrella, beach chairs, tanning, reading, creepo with binoculars)
:bulletpurple: syccas-stock has some of these… -> :bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: "Threatening" or "intimidating". Expressions, two-person dynamics. Body language, with or without weapons.
:bulletgreen: AmyTheSpiritSeeker: Something that fits with "explaining" (with expressive hands)
:bulletgreen: Self-Epidemic: Emotional portraits (basic angles, basic forms)
:bulletgreen: Nekorin-Gatacat: Two guys dancing/waltzing (romantic but not very sexual)
:bulletgreen: Nekorin-Gatacat: Two guys sitting/leaning against each other (romantic but not very sexual)
:bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock has some of these……… :bulletgreen: Nekorin-Gatacat: Men on brooms (this request also mentioned in Senshistock's list)
:bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock has some of these…… -> :bulletgreen: Nekorin-Gatacat: Chubby male models
:bulletgreen: nimbusphoenix: A guy pulling at his tie in both a confident manner (evil corporate villain?) and nervous manner (employee whose head is on the block)
:bulletgreen: nimbusphoenix: A guy sitting on a stool eating noodles (preferably with exposed arms)
:bulletpurple: skydancer-stock has a ton of these -> :bulletgreen: DeadValkyrie793: Expressive stocks with a light source that would light up the body/face
:bulletgreen: DeadValkyrie793: Angry/furious/anguish face emotions
:bulletgreen: CJFinnegan: Guys holding/aiming handguns, snipers
:bulletpurple: skydancer-stock has one of these… -> :bulletgreen: Autumn-Fyre: Arrogant throne poses (a guy with his legs crossed, sitting, staring directly at the camera)
:bulletpurple: syccas-stock has some of these… -> :bulletgreen: Autumn-Fyre: Running directly (or almost) toward the camera
:bulletpurple: DamselStock has some of these -> :bulletgreen: GemMarieMcC: True grit style cowboys (not campy)
:bulletgreen: Negai-Boshi: Basic walking poses from different angles
:bulletgreen: NinjaTeddiesGalore: Depression shots (some covering of the face of hugging knees, etc.)
:bulletpurple: Tasastock has some of these……… :bulletgreen: Origami-Butterfly: A falconer (real would be great, but otherwise, men posed as if they were holding large birds)
:bulletgreen: ASmallGlimmer: More chesty men, that aren't very cut, but still bulkier than an average guy
:bulletgreen: Smoludozerka: A series of poses with gradually relaxing/becoming more tense, especially to see how the shoulder blades change their position, and how the shoulders-neck-back relate in such poses. From a scared hunch to a proud pose with the chest put forwards.
:bulletgreen: BenyiHS: Woodcutter with muscles
:bulletpurple: DaeStock has some of these… -> :bulletgreen: Asmodexus: More facial expressions
:bulletgreen: BrassYumiru: A guy with bombs
:bulletgreen: BrassYumiru: Running, jumping, throwing
:bulletgreen: BrassYumiru: Injured in different places (stomach, arm, etc.)

SenshiStock has gotten requests for poses that she can't do right now because she doesn't have a male model...she says:
:bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock has some of these…… -> :bulletgreen: Poses where the guy is defeated or dying (especially stuff with perspective)
:bulletgreen: Angsty and sad poses (crying, physical sorrow)
:bulletgreen: Poses with hammers or an ax
:bulletgreen: Fighting an alligator (not sure about this one... substitute a pillow or something? lol)
:bulletgreen: Guy leaning back with his arms crossed looking down at someone while his chin is tilted up in an arrogant manner
:bulletgreen: Sword/knife suicide guys
:bulletpurple:Awdi-stock has some of these -> :bulletgreen: Dual sword or dual blade poses
:bulletgreen: Various reading poses
:bulletgreen: Guy with jetpack (also not sure about this one haha)
:bulletpurple: hyenacub-stock has some of these -> :bulletgreen: Male broom riding (Quidditch anyone?!)

STOCKERS: Once you have fulfilled a request, please let the requester know! Also, feel free to submit it to the group!

Journal Layout by lockjavv & ginkgografix
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hyenacub-stock Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
I haz vampires here:…

Neck and wrist biting (there's a male and male victim/vamp and a female-male victim/vamp)

Mind control:
PirateLotus-Stock Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
:la: Added!
hyenacub-stock Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
Woot thanks!
hyenacub Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist
How often is this updated, BTW?
PirateLotus-Stock Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Every time someone requests something. No one ever tells me when they've fulfilled a request, but I figure it's always good to have more anyway XD
hyenacub Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist
Hehe OK cool, I wasn't sure. It's totally a good idea I will have to see if any of my Hobbit ics fit those still here. Though if I remember right, there are a few people who deactivated their accounts? O_o I suppose those could be removed to clean things up a bit.
PirateLotus-Stock Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
hyenacub Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist
...uh nowhere I guess. O_o Apparently I'm seeing things. lol
PirateLotus-Stock Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Ok, you meant on the list, right? I got rid of someone :)
hyenacub Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist
Ah! Yes I did LOL Okay I m NOT going crazy. -ier.
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